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Clean, sophisticated, and contemporary, BOXHILL's Column Planter (18") brings modern flair to your home or garden. Available in a variety of colors, these tall containers make a bold statement, lending themselves to creative architectural applications, such as flanking over sized storefront doors.  Fun & functional features for this planter include: LED lighting, Speakers, Casters, Drainage Fittings, Drip Trays, Irrigation Sleeves, Surface Mounts & Adjustable Feet.   Please contact to discuss these options and for a custom quote for your Perfect Planter!

All materials contain up to 65% recycled material content, and they are, themselves, completely recyclable. This line boasts a dependable, commercial-grade durability. The high-quality standards come from years of timeless design, using the most appropriate materials, and superior fabrication techniques. Proudly made in the USA, best-in-class CAD services and powder coating are included with each piece and warrantied for years of faithful service.


  • Modern Design
  • Two Size Options
  • Available In Multiple Colors
  • Made In The USA
  • Fully Customized 


    • 24" H:
      • 18"L x 18"W x 24"H
      • Aluminum-23 lbs
      • Steel-54 lbs 
    • 36"H:
      • 18"L X 18"W x 36"H
      • Aluminum-31 lbs
      • Steel-74 lbs 
    • 48"H
      • 18"L X 18"W x 48"H
      • Aluminum-38 lbs
      • Steel-94 lbs 

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