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About Boxhill

Our Founder

Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery created Boxhill with a singular philosophy:  Help others realize their ideal outdoor vision through high-quality furnishings, smart design, and impeccably curated style.

As a landscape designer, an author, and a creative stylist with over 20 years of professional experience, Elizabeth brings her sought-after design style to the retail market.  Her handpicked collection of fresh and original products are available on this easy-to-find-and-fall-in-love-with shop. 

Our Mission

At Boxhill, we strive to bring you products that you can’t find “just anywhere.”  Our curated selection will help you to find and define your personal style, through products that combine quality craftsmanship with thoughtful design.  Explore our inspired collection of outdoor and covered patio items, ranging from fire pits and dining tables to the finest linens, to outdoor pillows, pots, and more.

Our Promise

We offer a selection of unique outdoor products. Our items are sourced from a wide variety of vendors which aren’t represented in mass-market retail stores.  Many of our products are produced by hand, by local and international artisans.

We offer modern, outdoor products that last. Our products are made for being outside. After years of designing for spaces in the harsh, Arizona sun, we developed a passion for quality products, and we understand their place in good design. We fill our shop with items that we would use, ourselves, and ones that we have long used in our years for designing for clients.  Our products have been time-tested, weather-tested, and Boxhill-approved.  With the right care, they will provide you with many seasons of enjoyment.

We offer stylish products that will enhance the way you live outside. From rustic modern to boho-chic, to barefoot luxury, to nautical and glam…our products will suit your style -- no matter the size, shape, or location of your outdoor space.

We value our customers above all else. We understand that our customers have a choice when choosing where to shop.  We view our relationship with you as a partnership, and we hope to cultivate it by building trust through integrity, honesty, and reliability.  We offer unique products at a fair price, with superior customer service.  We streamline our ordering and shipping to ensure that your shopping experience is a pleasurable one.  Shop at Boxhill with confidence -- here, your satisfaction is our first priority. 

We want to inspire you  

Defining your personal style is a journey.  It grows, it evolves, and you will reap the rewards when your vision eventually attains clarity.  Let us help you along your path of discovery!

We invite you to visit our design blog where we introduce you to the latest trends and expert advice that will help you carefully define the look and feel of your space.

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Finally, we know that investing in the right pieces can sometimes be daunting -- our staff is happy to answer any questions that you might have or to give you recommendations on coordinating products. 

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