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Studio Stirling
  • Black/Red Rose Sling Chair

    Rose Sling Chair


    Stripped away from all excess, the BOXHILL Rose Slingchair has a circular frame with the sheets of leather or fabric hanging loose within it, to cr...

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  • Ochre Angular Sling Chair

    Angular Sling Chair


    The BOXHILL Angular Sling chair is spacious, comfortable and striking in its looks. It has an air of functional elegance. It has an angular metal f...

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  • Star / Black Bubble Hanging Chair

    Bubble Hanging Chair


    The BOXHILL Bubble hanging swing chairs round shape creates a cozy feel. The modern patterns are striking in its visual appeal. The chair has been ...

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  • Big Basket Daybed

    Big Basket Daybed


    The BOXHILL Big Basket Lounger in a twig pattern has an organic shape that creates a cozy feel. It is spacious and comfortable with ample room to r...

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  • Black Melon Hanging Chair

    Melon Hanging Chair


    The BOXHILL Melon Hanging Chair is inspired by a hammock - but with its structured hard frame it will not fold in and is thus hugely comfortable. I...

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  • Basket Hanging Chair

    Basket Hanging Chair


    The BOXHILL Basket circle hanging swing chairs round shape creates a cozy feel. It is simple and striking in its visual appeal. The patterns are in...

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  • Wheel Hanging Chair

    Wheel Hanging Chair

    from $3,900.00

    The BOXHILL Wheel Hanging Chairs pattern detail is reminiscent of tree branches that intersect, grasses that are intertwined, the veins in dragonfl...

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  • Pod Lounger

    Pod Lounger


    Kick back and relax in the BOXHILL Pod Lounger.Modern & durable these loungers would be the perfect addition to your backyard oasis. These chai...

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