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Lightweight Concrete

BOXHILL carries some of the lightest concrete-like furniture on the market. You can now have the look of concrete or stone on your project without costly specialized shipping methods.
  • Cement Pebble Table

    Cement Pebble Table

    from $700.00

    Embrace the beauty of stone in its natural form–BOXHILL’s Cement Pebble Table is a stunning example of organic style. Available in four sizes and f...

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  • Spindle Dining Table

    Spindle Dining Table

    from $1,600.00

    BOXHILL’s Spindle Cement Dining Table is a perfect addition to any space. The design experiments with new textures to allow you to enjoy cement wit...

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    Terrace Planter


    BOXHILL’s Terrace Planter is a natural example of organic style. As the years pass and your plants grow, this planter will age beautifully and beco...

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  • Corridor Side Table

    Corridor Side Table


    The BOXHILL Corridor Side Table architecturally-inclined, its open interior pulls the viewer through the form, drawing attention to its congruent s...

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  • Lucio Lounger

    Lucio Lounger


    The BOXHILL Lucio Lounger's gently curved silhouette lends comfort and elegance to this monolithic lounger. A slight, swooping indentation in the s...

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  • Macrolithe Bench

    Macrolithe Bench


    Make a grand statement with the BOXHILL’s Macrolithe Bench.  This bench is wonderfully organic and comfortable, too! Available in five contemporary...

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  • LARGE SLATE GREY 21 DIAMETER Perpetual Paz Accent Table

    Perpetual Paz Accent Table

    from Original Price $510.00
    from $434.00

    Set your drink on the BOXHILL's Perpetual Paz Accent Table, a  perfect addition to your outdoor gathering space. Constructed of lightweight concret...

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  • Slate Grey Perpetual Poncho Coffee Table

    Perpetual Poncho Coffee Table

    Original Price $2,310.00
    Current Price $1,963.00

    BOXHILL's Perpetual Poncho Coffee Table is perfect for patio, courtyard, or rooftop! Constructed of lightweight concrete, with nylon glides, this p...

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  • 87" / Slate Grey Perpetual Clip Dining Table

    Perpetual Clip Dining Table

    from Original Price $5,820.00
    from $4,947.00

    BOXHILL's Perpetual Clip Dining Table is the perfect centerpiece for outdoor dining! With its ideally proportioned, lightweight concrete, rectangul...

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  • Sandcastle Meditation Bench

    Sandcastle Meditation Bench

    Original Price $5,820.00
    Current Price $4,947.00

    BOXHILL's Sandcastle Meditation Rectangle Bench velvet-smooth to the touch with dune-inspired, sensual contours, this bench adapts to any environme...

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  • Van Dyke Cement Chair

    Van Dyke Cement Chair

    from $1,600.00

    Enjoy BOXHILL’s Van Dyke Cement Chair in your indoor or outdoor space. The design experiments with new textures to allow you to enjoy cement withou...

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