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Planter Design
Planter Color

BOXHILL's Window Box Planter is incredibly original & makes a signature statement indoors or out! This eye-catching vessel brings beauty and modern design to your home or garden and is available in three different styles. The unique, square cutout design in the center of the planter provides an modern decorative element.  Fun & functional features for this planter include: Speakers, LED Lighting, Adjustable Feet, Casters, Drainage Fittings, Drip Trays, Irrigation Sleeves and Surface Mounts. Please contact to discuss these options and for a custom quote for your Perfect Planter!

All materials contain up to 65% recycled material content, and they are, themselves, completely recyclable. This line boasts a dependable, commercial-grade durability. The high-quality standards come from years of timeless design, using the most appropriate materials, and superior fabrication techniques. Proudly made in the USA, best-in-class CAD services and powder coating are included with each piece and warrantied for years of faithful service.


  • Modern Design
  • Two Size Options
  • Available In Multiple Colors
  • Made In The USA
  • Fully Customized 
  • Vertical
    • 20"L x 13"W x 40"H
    • Aluminum-34 lbs
    • Steel-74 lbs 
  • Square
    • 28"L x 10"W x 28"H
    • Aluminum-28 lbs
    • Steel-63 lbs
  • Horizontal
    • 33"L x 10"W x 22"H
    • Aluminum-24 lbs
    • Steel-54 lbs 

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