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Enjoy the hypnotic glow of a fire pit anywhere you travel! BOXHILL's Discus Portable Fire Pit is durable, transportable, and can be used on virtually any surface. Perfect for a beachside getaway or a weekend camping trip, the wood-burning Discus may be used for both ambiance and cooking.

A generous, 47" oxidized steel bowl is corrosion-resistant, and it holds your firewood in its modern rustic design. Place the bowl on either stone or sand, and it is a stand-alone piece. For other surfaces, a low-profile, galvanized steel tripod stand is helpfully included. A stainless steel grill enables quick preparation of fish, chicken, beef, or veggies over an open flame. Of course, it's an ideal fire pit for roasting marshmallows, with or without the grill! A sturdy, black canvas carrying case allows you to transport the entire setup anywhere you travel. 

This item ships from Europe and requires approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery. U.S. import tariffs are included in the shipping price. 



  • Fire Pit
    • 47" diameter
    • 7" height
    • 120 lbs.
  • Stand–8" height
  • Grill–37" diameter
  • Case–49.25" diameter

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