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Pots & Planters

  • 24" x 20" / Morning Fog - Natural Concrete Finish Belize Planter-

    Belize Planter


    The BOXHILL's Belize Planter is a gorgeous addition to your backyard patio. With its retro modern design it offers a unique shape that is sure to i...

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  • Belize Urn

    Belize Urn


    The BOXHILL's Belize Urn is a gorgeous addition to your backyard patio. With its retro modern design it offers a unique shapethat is sure to impres...

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  • Bau Balcony Box


    Enhance your well-being on the balcony or terrace with this stylish planter from the BOXHILL BAU Balcony Box. The boxes borrow their expression fro...

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  • Cone Planter

    Cone Planter

    from $1,010.00

    Tall, tapered, and sleek, BOXHILL's Cone Planter makes an impressive statement. The tapered design makesthis eye-catching planter the perfect conta...

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  • 30"H / Satin White Bar Planter

    Bar Planter

    from $470.00

    Raise your foliage to new heights with BOXHILL's Bar Planter!Thisplanter features a slim profile, vertical lines, and generous planting depths. Ava...

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  • Vertical / Satin White Window Box Planter

    Window Box Planter

    from $840.00

    BOXHILL's Window Box Planter is incredibly original & makes a signature statement indoors or out! This eye-catching vessel brings beauty and mo...

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  • 20"H / Satin White Oval Planter

    Oval Planter

    from $1,750.00

    The clean, curving lines of BOXHILL's Oval Planter are a great way to modernize your home or garden! This piece is also the perfect way to break up...

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  • Cylinder Planter

    Cylinder Planter

    from $860.00

    A modern take on a traditional style, BOXHILL's Cylinder Planter offers clean, versatile withcontemporary feel. With three sizes and ten colors to ...

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  • 25" DIA / Metallic Silver Bowl Planter

    Bowl Planter

    from $1,180.00

    The BOXHILL's Bowl Planter provides a low profile, rounded look that works well in any setting. Available in multiple colors and three sizes, the b...

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  • 15.5"H / Satin White Capsule Planter

    Capsule Planter

    from $1,500.00

    The clean, uncluttered design of BOXHILL's Capsule Planter makes a sophisticated statement in any home or garden. This uniquely shaped vessel offer...

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  • Orb Planter

    Orb Planter

    from $2,020.00

    BOXHILL's Orb Planter is an exceedingly attractive modern addition to any space! Available in four sizes, you can create a unique focal point with ...

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  • 18"H / Satin White Cube Planter

    Cube Planter

    from $600.00

    Dress up your landscape with the sleek, modern style of BOXHILL's Cube Planter. The minimalist design of these pieces is ideal for allowing your pl...

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  • 24'H / Satin White Taper Planter

    Taper Planter

    from $580.00

    The unadorned, tapered lines of BOXHILL's Taper Planter draw the eye upwards, creating the perfect focal point for your plants. Use these simple, e...

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  • 24"H / Black Column Planter | 12"

    Column Planter | 12"

    from $550.00

    The BOXHILL's Column Planter (12") can turn any space into a modern focal point. For dramatic effect, we use these columns in a grouping of various...

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