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Gift Planters

  • Vertical / Satin White Window Box Planter

    Window Box Planter

    from Original Price $875.00
    from $635.00

    BOXHILL's Window Box Planter is incredibly original & makes a signature statement indoors or out! This eye-catching vessel brings beauty and mo...

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  • 20"H / Satin White Oval Planter

    Oval Planter

    from Original Price $1,339.00
    from $965.00

    The clean, curving lines of BOXHILL's Oval Planter are a great way to modernize your home or garden! This piece is also the perfect way to break up...

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  • Low-14"H / Satin White Modular Corner Planter

    Modular Corner Planter

    from Original Price $1,075.00
    from $775.00

    Define your space with BOXHILL's Modular Corner Planter! Stylish and modern, this piece comes in ten standard colors or you can personalize it by c...

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  • 25"L / Satin White Low Rectangle Planter

    Low Rectangle Planter

    from Original Price $515.00
    from $369.00

    Low, sleek, and contemporary, BOXHILL's Low Rectangle Planter dresses up those long hallways or lifeless walls perfectly! Personalize this piece wi...

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  • 25" L / Textured Silver High Rectangle Planter

    High Rectangle Planter

    from Original Price $839.00
    from $605.00

    Minimalistic and versatile, BOXHILL's High Rectangle Planter is the perfect container for lending a modern air to any space.  Available in 3 differ...

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  • Satin White Ellipse Planter

    Ellipse Planter

    from Original Price $1,125.00
    from $815.00

    The singular style of BOXHILL's Ellipse Planter brings a unique, modern vibe to any area! The clean lines and graceful curves of this vessel help c...

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  • Metallic Silver Double Groove Planter

    Double Groove Planter

    from Original Price $2,465.00
    from $1,775.00

    The understated details of BOXHILL's Double Groove Planter features a low, deep form and the signature design feature of pronounced channels cut in...

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  • Cylinder Planter

    Cylinder Planter

    from Original Price $805.00
    from $579.00

    A modern take on a traditional style, BOXHILL's Cylinder Planter offers clean, versatile with contemporary feel. With three sizes and ten colors to...

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  • Cone Planter

    Cone Planter

    from Original Price $1,265.00
    from $909.00

    Tall, tapered, and sleek, BOXHILL's Cone Planter makes an impressive statement. The tapered design makes this eye-catching planter the perfect cont...

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  • Column Planter | 18"

    Column Planter | 18"

    from Original Price $955.00
    from $685.00

    Clean, sophisticated, and contemporary, BOXHILL's Column Planter (18") brings modern flair to your home or garden. Available in a variety of colors...

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  • 24"H / Black Column Planter | 12"

    Column Planter | 12"

    from Original Price $465.00
    from $335.00

    The BOXHILL's Column Planter (12") can turn any space into a modern focal point. For dramatic effect, we use these columns in a grouping of various...

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  • 15.5"H / Satin White Capsule Planter

    Capsule Planter

    from Original Price $1,689.00
    from $1,215.00

    The clean, uncluttered design of BOXHILL's Capsule Planter makes a sophisticated statement in any home or garden. This uniquely shaped vessel offer...

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  • 25" DIA / Metallic Silver Bowl Planter

    Bowl Planter

    from Original Price $1,365.00
    from $985.00

    The BOXHILL's Bowl Planter provides a low profile, rounded look that works well in any setting.  Available in multiple colors and three sizes, the ...

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  • Block Planter

    Block Planter

    from Original Price $855.00
    from $615.00

    The BOXHILL’s Block Planter features a cube shape with a cylindrical planting area. The modern design of this piece allows it to act as a flawless ...

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