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BOXHILL's King Isosceles Sculptural Firebowl embodies an intriguing geometric aesthetic within the deep curves of its profile. The clean lines and sharp elegance of this piece convey reason and rigor, comfort and symmetry. A nod to early civilizations, this piece is built upon the knowledge of classical forms and is a perfect representation of the austere beauty of Euclidean geometry. 

This fire pit ships with a natural rust patina. Hand-applied to all bowls before cutting them, some of the patina around the edge of the bowl is removed during the cleanup process of the spatter and slag. Not to worry–the patina will naturally return to the cleaned edges, and your entire bowl will quickly develop a uniform look that is both stylish and enduring. Crafted in a modern-rustic style, our Sculptural Firebowls may arrive with some marks or scratches due to their upcycled nature. These scratches are intentional, and they add to the rustic character of the piece.

A one-inch hole is cut into the bowl's center to provide drainage. If you plan to use these firebowls on a wooden or plastic lumber deck, you must place a heat shielding pad, firebrick or concrete paver under the base. (Our firebowls do not transfer enough heat to set fire to a deck, but the base will hot enough to brand marks into your wood.)

This line of amazing Sculptural Firebowls are hand-cut from 100% recycled industrial tanks that are American-made from high-strength, low-alloy, cold-rolled Steel. The carbon steel used in these pieces is 1/4 inch thick, which is ten times thicker than mass-produced fire pits on the market (1/8-inch thick, and five times thicker for the 30"D firebowl.) These stunning pieces have been featured in magazines, newspapers, books and popular TV shows, including The New York Times Business and Home sections, Craft Magazine, Hearth and Home, Casual Living, HGTV’s Decked Out, DIY Network’s Man Caves, Epic’s Castle series and Hawaii Five-0. We are proud to be able to offer these sculptural works of art that capture both the power of fire, and the strength of steel reborn from the ashes of industry!



    • 37" Diameter Bowl
      • 33" point-to-point
      • 22"H (overall)
      • 12"D x 6"H (base)
      • 1/4" steel
      • 110 lbs.
    • 41" Diameter Bowl
      • 35" point-to-point
      • 26"H (overall)
      • 16"D x 6"H (base)
      • 1/4" steel
      • 160 lbs.

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