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Dig deep with BOXHILL's Shagbark Hickory Squared Hoe! Beautifully rustic, the handle on this tool is crafted from the stout twigs of a Shagbark Hickory Tree, which maintains a combination of hardness, toughness, and strength that is unmatched by any commercial wood. Ideal for tool handles, the wood is left with a natural finish and the bark on the handle.

A fine American craftsman product, this item is made from hand-forged steel. Each is individually built, using traditional blacksmithing techniques, an anvil, and a hammer. The wood handle is slotted, into which the tool is inset, and then secured all the way through with brass rivets. The subtle patina and the metal loop in the stem give this tool a nicely balanced weight, and a modern feel. 

This tool is an excellent gift for a wedding couple, a discriminating or passionate gardener, or anyone who values high-quality, traditional craftsmen tools.



  • 22" x 4"
  • 14" handle
  • 1 lb

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