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BOXHILL’s Revelation 1 Wooden Diving Board is not just a simple pool accessory; it’s a stunning work of artistic craftsmanship! Assembled by hand from the finest Brazilian Hardwood, the beautiful, vintage style of this elegant piece is truly one-of-a-kind! Designed in Belgium, this board was the Silver winner at the IDA International Design Awards in 2014.

Made of three layers of IPE Brazilian Hardwood (FSC), this board is pickled to enhance the color of the wood, and waxed to protect it. Available in three, rich shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice, firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.

Crafted in a way to prevent torsion, guarantee durability, and provide increased spring, this board may be combined with an optional base. Made of 316 Marine stainless steel, the base is resistant to both chlorine and salt water. (Installation screws may be purchased at your local hardware store.) A 98-foot cord comes attached to the end of this board, which is not only an attractive accent, but is also used for traction. Our typical board is made to hold up to 200 lbs but customized boards can also be created. Please contact BOXHILL for a custom quote!

An optional board cover is available for purchase. Our practical and attractive diving board covers are made of Dralon fabric, which is both UV-resistant and breathable. Designed to keep your board safe from the sun and moisture when not in use, you may choose from eight different colors. 

The following light maintenance is required to keep your wooden diving board looking new and fresh:

  • All screws should be checked whenever typical pool maintenance is performed.
  • During winter, the board should be stored so that the bend force is reversed, since wood bends over time. (In other words, flip your board upside down and support either end so that the middle of the board can slowly return to its original shape under the force of gravity.)
  • You can let your board age naturally, meaning it will lose its wax finish and grey over time, or you can keep its brand new appearance by sanding it once a year, adding some layers of uncolored pickling, and waxing it.
  • Keep your board covered when not in use.  

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for production, as this product is made to order. Shipping for this item includes IPDM15 (USA) standard crating, FedEx international shipping, and all international handling fees.



  • Board length:
    • Standard -- 96”
    • Long -- 110"
  • Board width: 17”
  • Height: 3” (visible 1”)
  • Bracket height: 4”, 8”, or 12”
  • Bracket length: 23”

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