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Add a striking burst of color to your favorite outdoor space–BOXHILL's Orquidea Single Cotton Hammock splashes intense, bold colors that will make everyone stop and notice your yard! No spreader bar is required for this traditional hammock–its absence helps contour and support your body. By lying diagonally, your back will remain supported by the fabric, while your body keeps the hammock surface open. The wider the hammock, the more perfect your siesta! 

Made of pure high-quality cotton, this hammock is crafted in Colombia, where hammocks are an essential part of everyday life. Our pure cotton is comfortably soft-to-the touch, tear-proof, and exceedingly durable. The long fibers showcase the colors in the design, allowing them to shine brilliantly. (We recommend storing this hammock when not in use, so that the colors will remain vivid and bright for years to come.)

This hammock features an open-loop suspension for hanging, which is a signature feature of Colombian hammocks. The multi-cord suspension design (54-cord) ensures even distribution of weight to the hammock's cloth, allowing for comfortable lounging. The two borders of the lounging surface feature an extra-tight weave for exceptional stability. It comfortably fits one person.

To clean your hammock, simply wash it by hand with a mild detergent. This item has been TUV-Rheinland tested and certified for safety.



  • Width–55"
  • Length–118" (connector-to-connector)
  • Length–79" (fabric-to-fabric)
  • Hang–106" (minimum distance)
  • Capacity–265 lbs.
  • Weight–2.6 lbs.

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