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Rustic aesthetic and smart design come together in BOXHILL's Handcrafted Walnut Pointed Garden Hoe. The curved shape of the tool, along with its balanced weight, provide excellent momentum for the whacking motion that gardeners find themselves doing so often. The leaf-shaped tool is cast at the perfect angle for breaking up soil, and digging holes for transplanting. Use the pointed end to weed around vegetables and flowers, or to draw out rows for seeding.

A fine American craftsman product, this item is made from hand-forged steel, which is set into an American Black Walnut handle. Each is individually built using traditional blacksmithing techniques, an anvil, and a hammer. All of the joinery is done with solid steel rivets, with no welds. The hand-turned, wooden handles are made with durable, tight grain hardwood that feels good in the grip of your hand.

This tool is an excellent gift for a wedding couple, a discriminating or passionate gardener, or anyone who values high-quality, traditional craftsmen tools.



  • 12" x 3"
  • 1 lb

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