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Often requested and seasonally available, BOXHILL's Handcrafted Dandelion Digger is a stout digging tool that will make short work of plucking out dandelions and other weeds from your lawn or garden! Just catch the tap root in the fork, and pry them out of the ground. With this sturdy tool, you'll never have to hold back for fear of bending it! You may also use it to loosen the soil around weeds and plants, allowing them to be pulled by hand.

A fine American craftsman product, this item is forged from a solid piece of steel using traditional blacksmithing techniques, an anvil, and a hammer. The stock is split into a fork, sharpened, and then given a twist while it is still hot to achieve its signature shape. The tool is set with brass rivets into an American Black Walnut handle, which is then turned with a lathe, making this a well-balanced and extremely strong tool. The tight grain, hardwood handles feel good in the grip of your hand.

This tool is an excellent gift for a wedding couple, a discriminating or passionate gardener, or anyone who values high-quality, traditional craftsmen tools.



  • 13" x 2.5"
  • 1 lb

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