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Grow a hardy herb that will become a mainstay in your garden with BOXHILL's Greek Oregano Organic Seeds! Otherwise known as Origanum Vulgare, this herb was used by ancients to make wreaths that honored Aphrodite and crowned the heads of married couples. (We also think it tastes pretty good in our orzo pasta!)
Seeds arrive in a quatrefoiled, folded package–both the quatrefoil shape and seeds, themselves, were thought to be travel partners on the ancient Silk Road. A champion of the cold, it is one of the first perennial herbs to emerge from winter dormancy. In fact, it is so tolerant of winter that it rarely dies back entirely and can often be harvested the year 'round, anytime the ground is not covered by snow.  Harvest loads of it in May or early June, before it turns more pungent from flowering. Dry it in a warm, airy place. With only a few 3-foot clumps, you can easily dry enough for a year's worth of delicious soups and sauces!
Surface sow the seeds (or, sow them at just under the surface) 6 weeks before the last frost. Greek Oregano is slow to emerge and take off. Transplant them when plants are 2-3" high. Keep the growing area well cultivated when the plants are young. Greek Oregano tolerates rocky, low-fertility soil, and it grows readily in nearly all conditions. Once established, the plants will spread into big patches, and they are perennial in Zones 4-9. Once established, harvesting in the spring (pre-flowering) will offer the best tasting oregano.


  • Number of Seeds–250
  • Spacing in Row–12"
  • Spacing Between Rows–12"
  • Planting Depth–0"
  • Days to Germination–7 to 14 days
  • Days to Maturity–80 days
  • Height at Maturity–12"
  • Width at Maturity–12"

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