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Just when you thought you had it all, BOXHILL’s Frame Teak + Aluminum Shelves  (Extras) comes along to tempt you with even more versatility! Extra shelves, extra spacers, even extra feet and tops; the options have just become endless. Create your own custom shelving unit from scratch or add to one of our existing Frame shelves.   

Our Frame shelving systems consist of individual elements that can be can be assembled and combined according to your personal requirements. The base units can all be combined and our wide range of accessory components allow for easy extension in every direction. These units can be left outdoors all year round. Crafted from all-weather, powder-coated aluminum, these fantastic shelves come in lava grey or white, with feet and space dividers in WWF®-certified teak. 

Designed to “Make Life More Comfortable,” this Danish line of furniture proudly combines quality and style with three simple principles -- comfort, versatility, and social awareness. Both SA8000- and ISO14001-compliant, it boasts designs and craftsmanship which are focused on both environmental consciousness and social responsibility. 

Embracing a building-block approach to furnishing a space, we especially love the way this line allows you to create a personalized look without being constrained to a single collection. These pieces are designed to be mixed and matched for an eclectic, yet cohesive feel. Quality constructed, and designed to fit the contours of your body, this furniture will provide you exemplary comfort and beauty for many years to come.

Free Shipping: Please contact BOXHILL if you are looking at purchasing more than one piece from this line, so that we may provide you with a multi-item discount code.


  • Flexible Shelving System
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Weather Resistant
  • Low Maintenance


Extra Shelves

  • W 39.4" X D 16.6" X H 2"
  • Weight 6 lbs.
      Select Shelf Color