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FAIRMOUNT Living Tile Garden Beds are a lightweight, versatile way to garden in any space! Use these tiles to bring life to concrete-covered areas, entryways, rooftops, or patios. Each kit is made of aluminum and contains 4 tiles. Also included are 16 rubber (EPDM) feet, 4 burlap/jute soil bags, filter fabric for a root barrier, integrated drip irrigation clips, and tile connectors.

Famous for comprising the green rooftop of Urban Outfitters headquarters building, this product completely modular and movable–we like to think of this set as "the garden kit for the rest of us." Proudly manufactured in the USA by the innovative design team at SHIFT, this item is made from recycled materials and meets MR 4 LEED qualifications for sustainability. 

Choose from either a standard configuration (no soil,) or a green roof configuration that comes with specially-engineered, lightweight soil that is ideal for rooftop gardens. Each tile weighs 2 lbs. empty, 4 lbs. with dry soil, and 5 lbs. with wet soil (not including plants.)

Shift is an American design brand formed in 2009 by studio SHIFTSPACE to liberate modern living. Their collection provides clever solutions for more flexible living spaces. The American-made furniture and accessories are designed to endure demanding environments and harmonize within diverse settings.



  • length: 15.2” | width: 15.2” | height: 4.7”

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