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Relax poolside with BOXHILL's Explorer Oceans Pool Chaise Lounge Set of Two. These beautiful chaise lounge chairs gracefully withstand the fiercest conditions with ease. Made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Acacia wood frame, soft polypropylene and polyester Regatta rope in a mixed gray, featuring a fishbone weave. These durable chaise lounge chairs will remain strong and beautiful for years, and are the ultimate accessory for poolside gatherings. 

Your soul craves adventure; you long to explore all the riches the world has to offer; you will recognize the essence of discovery and exoticism in BOXHILL's Explorer Collection. Your desire for unique, exciting experiences is rivaled only by your hunger for affordable comfort, in all its forms. Think sustainable, plantation-grown Acacia; think regatta rope that triumphs over time and the elements, maintaining its natural beauty and strength for generations. Envision granite, cocoa, teak, and flame--the colors that animate your dreams of exploration and quest. Powder-coated metal finishes protect some of these durable yet elegant pieces, affording you the opportunity to rest--between bouts of wanderlust--without a care in the world. Why worry? Nomads like you revere practicality and craftsmanship, which echo throughout each piece in this collection.

The frames of our Explorer Oceans Pool Chaise Lounge Chairs are manufactured from plantation FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Acacia Wood. Acacia wood is a strong, resilient wood for outdoor furniture fabrication. As with all natural materials, the more the material is exposed to the environment, the more dirt and weathering it will receive. Subjected to nature’s elements, the surface of the Acacia wood will gradually turn into a soft-silver gray as only the pigments and stain on the surface layer begin to fade. This however, this will not in any way compromise the structural integrity of your furniture. During weathering, a slight lifting of the grain may appear on the tops of furniture arms and legs. It is normal for outdoor wood furniture to expand and contract in this way. It will not affect or minimize the durability/quality of the furniture.

Recreate paradise outdoors or in, with furniture that maintains its bold good looks, while holding you in an embrace of deep comfort. Hewn from recyclable, organic, all-weather materials (fast-drying rope, 10,000 double-braided and UV-stabilized yarns,) these pieces reflect your adventurous spirit and thirst for discovery.

This innovative, multi award-winning line offers a wide array of items that are high-quality, multi-functional, and are nature-inspired works of art. With a passion for redefining living spaces, they design pieces that will help you create a living environment you crave. Fresh silhouettes that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living–we love this line for both residential and commercial / hospitality settings!



  • Overall
    • 34" W x 16.5-31" H x 73" D
  • Seat Height
    • 16.5"
  • Seat Depth
    • 50"
  • Back Rest
    • 31" At Highest Setting
  • Weight
    • 37.5 lbs. Each Chair

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