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Is it possible to improve upon the beauty of the award-winning Urbanfire?  We weren't sure, but the designers and metalworkers from Arizona’s Modfire made a believer out of us when they drenched it in COPPER. Meet BOXHILL's Copper Modfire Outdoor Fire Pit!

Shiny, warm, and luxurious copper, together with the sleek Modfire is such a happy marriage.  Its metallic reflection is the ultimate statement piece for any style of patio, from Mid-Century Modern to an elegant, yet rustic, ranch.  This is glam with character.  This is a dressing up that even the manliest man can get behind -- a lustrous coat of American heavy metal!  Occasional maintenance will guarantee its sparkle and shine, or leave it to its own devices, and watch the beautiful patina develop. 

Hand-rolled, 14-gauge steel directs the heat with its signature cone shape, and the distinctive openings make it ideal for roasting marshmallows. The welded metal exterior is smoothed for a seamless finish and appearance. A modern star burner is mounted to the firebowl for a perfectly dispersed flame. 

The natural gas model uses a 125,000 BTU-rated stainless star burner, producing substantial heat for your space. It comes with a black pipe nipple for home installation, via a certified installer, and it uses an in-line ball valve to articulate the gas flow. The propane model comes with a 10-foot length of black propane hose that will attach to any standard 20-lb propane tank. (Longer hoses are available upon request.) Ships within 2-4 weeks.

Want to raise the profile of your fire pit, or hide away your propane tank? Why not add Modpad Tank Storage or a Base Unit to your setup? This pedestal tower of the Base Unit showcases the architectural elements of the Modfire design and makes your fire pit look like a sculpture, even when it's not lit! For propane users, this base will hide a standard, 20-lb. tank, and an external key is included to control the flow of fuel while the tank is hidden. A rear door allows for easy tank replacement. Base Units are available in Snow and Charcoal. Our Modpod Tank Storage units are a fantastic option for propane storage but they can also double as a side table. The top lifts off for easy access to the fuel control. Modpods come in our standard colors, or they may be ordered in a custom hue -- contact BOXHILL for a quote.  



  • Copper Modfire
    • 48" H x 22" D (Base) / 9" (Top)
    • 65 lbs
  • Modpod Tank Storage
    • 16" D x 20" H
    • 30 lbs
  • Base Unit
    • 30" D x 20" H
    • 50 lbs



  • Natural Gas
  • Propane 

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