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BOXHILL’s Concrete Roller Boy is usable as an ottoman, outdoor table, or a foot rest, however you want to use it. It is made of cast concrete and is available in 12 different colors. While the Roller Boy appears solid it is, in fact, hollow on the inside. But be assured this product is as sturdy as they come. The Roller Boy will glide on locking casters along your outdoor patio or deck with a .5" clearance, making this ideal for outdoor seating areas.



The Oso Industries design studio likes to innovate with modern and creative uses of concrete, turning the once industrial material into a material that is usable, functional, and most of all, pleasant to look at. Sculptor and founder Eric Weil, along with his team of other sculptors and designers, focus on hand crafted, functional furniture and architectural elements to create a very clean design fit for any modern urban household. Oso Industries has been at the front of the movement to create multifunctional, practical, and beautiful designs from often over looked and utilitarian materials.

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