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Bigger is definitely better -- especially when you're talking about BOXHILL's Bonfire Fire Pit! This is the reigning king of Mid-Century Modern fire features, and it makes an impressive statement at 7 feet tall!  This stunning addition to your yard will give you the perfect excuse to gather a large group of your friends and family around the fire, and it is the obvious focal point for any deck or patio. 

We're huge fans of the Bonfire, and we've used it as the centerpiece in both commercial and residential landscape installations -- it always generates rave reviews, and usually one or two magazine shoots!  The award-wining Bonfire has become THE iconic shape for modern fire pits and chimineas. 

Made of hand-rolled, 14-gauge steel, the Bonfire's unique shape directs the heat, and its seams are welded and smoothed so that they are nearly invisible. Its hand-formed, distinctive openings make it ideal for roasting marshmallows! Several layers of ultra-high temperature paint, and a 1000-degree clear coat is applied by hand to the steel frame, which protects it and ensures longevity to its vibrant finish. A modern star burner is mounted to each fire bowl, providing perfect dispersal of the flame. Add your own fire glass or lava rock to further disperse the flame and customize the look.

Propane models come with a 10-foot length of flex hose, which will attach to any standard 20-lb propane tank -- longer hoses are available, if required. The natural gas model comes with a stubbed-out pipe which a licensed contractor may connect to your gas line. Ethanol models use an eco-smart burner that holds 2 gallons of fuel and offers an 8-hour burn with no refueling required. The 18,600 BTU-rated burner keeps you toasty warm and enables you to use this model for both indoor or outdoor use.

Want to hide away your propane tank? Why not add Modpod Tank Storage to your setup? Our Modpods are a fantastic option for propane storage but they can also double as a side table. The top lifts off for easy access to the fuel control. Modpods come in our standard colors, or they may be ordered in a custom hue -- contact BOXHILL for a quote.  

The Bonfire is a modern icon with a huge cult following among high-end designers -- pick one up for your yard, and watch the transformation begin! Ships within 2-4 weeks.



  • Bonfire
    • 83"H x 32"D (Base) / 10"D (Top)
    • 120 lbs
  • Modpod Tank Storage
    • 16" D x 20" H
    • 30 lbs



  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Ethanol
  • Wood Burning


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