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Tailored for Design Professionals

At BOXHILL, we pride ourselves on deeply personalized service; our residential clients’ homes are physical reflections of who they are, and we understand that every detail matters.

But did you know: with BOXHILL Trade, qualified designers, decorators, architects and developers can apply our approach and principles—along with exclusive industry perks—to their residential and commercial clients’ projects?

Artistic Vision

Whatever level of support your project calls for, BOXHILL Trade can help conceive, shape or realize your vision. Whether you just want us to recommend a few products, or craft a customized mood board or detailed spec sheets to help both you and your client visualize what’s possible, each BOXHILL Trade engagement is 100% customized to you and your client’s individual needs. As a leader in both exterior living and landscape architecture, our design solutions truly stand apart.

Exclusive Pricing

BOXHILL Trade clients enjoy competitive pricing on all purchases from BOXHILL; your trade discount will vary by vendor, but can range from 5–35%. You’ll get a private login and the ability to submit a quote form. You'll also have the flexibility of purchasing online or via your manager—we’ll even extend your discount to your clients, should they wish to purchase directly from us. Most orders are sales-tax-free, and we don’t mark up shipping fees.

Expert Curation

When you work with BOXHILL Trade, you’re essentially adding a dedicated design expert to your team. We have long-standing (and outstanding) relationships with the best vendors in the world, which means you’re tapping into the collective experience of a global network of makers and distributors with access to the most unique products on the planet. Our online shop represents only a small slice of the products we can procure. if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us to find it—or create it—for you.

Customized Solutions

More than 30% of our vendors are makers—and that means the sky is literally the limit. Do you love one of our tables or planters, but don’t see the size, color or material your client prefers? Does your residential or commercial client have a need so massive or specific, you don’t even know where to start? We’re on it! Our experienced design team has the deep industry knowledge and long-term connections to meet your needs.

Attentive Service

In addition to managing your orders, your account manager can source items that may not be visible or available yet on our site, and help you work those products into your project and timeline. In fact, your deadlines are our deadlines; when turnaround times are tight (i.e., always) we’ll drop everything to ensure you have product and shipping quotes on schedule.

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