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How to Measure Water Depth for In-Pool Furniture

How to Measure Water Depth for In-Pool Furniture


When you consider adding in-pool furniture to your swimming pool, knowing the water depth in your pool ledge or Baja shelf is critical. You certainly don’t want your in-pool loungers floating about. With several types of in-pool furnishings to choose from, each optimally designed for different water depths, you must know what your water depth is to select the best pool sundeck chairs and accessories.

If you’re building a new pool, recently added a pool ledge, or still have your builder’s design files, you can search for this information in your paperwork. Or, you can easily measure this for yourself with a ruler or tape measure.

3 Steps to Measure Pool Ledge Water Depth

  1. Fill your pool up to its capacity, so you get an accurate measurement. This is an important step not to be skipped, or you risk inaccurate measurements and floating pool furniture. 
  2. Place a ruler or tape measure’s end on the bottom surface of the pool ledge. 
  3. Note where the water is hitting the ruler or tape measure, and voila! You’ve got your pool ledge water depth measurements. 

How Deep Should Your Baja Shelf Be?

The depth of your Baja shelf is a personal preference, yet there are some guidelines to consider before you choose. These convenient and easy-to-use swimming pool features can have water depths of anywhere from 6” to 18”. Consult with your custom pool builder to decide the perfect water depth for you, keeping in mind who will use the pool, both human and fuzzy friends, and how you want to use the feature. If you already have a tanning ledge, there are in-pool furnishings and accessories that will work for just about any depth.

Why is Depth So Important?

In-pool furnishings are not installed or hooked onto a pool ledge. Rather, the in-pool loungers and tables stay in place using the weight of the water inside of each product. It’s important that you choose your in-pool furnishings by water depth so that the water weight inside each product is heavy enough to anchor the pool accessories to the tanning shelf floor so they won’t bob or float around the pool. This is important not just for aesthetics but also for the safety of those using the in-pool furniture. 

What Do You Do if the Water Depth is Too Deep?

Should you find your water depth measures more than 15,” or you already have in-pool furniture that is floating or not working as intended, there are risers you can purchase to correct any issues. In-pool furniture risers can be attached to your lounger to get the perfect lift and solve any floating issues. 

Once you know your pool ledge’s water depth, the fun really begins! Shopping for your perfect in-pool lounge chairs and accessories. Should you ever need any assistance or recommendations, reach out to the professionals at Boxhill for a consultation


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