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  • $704.00

    Vibe Set Pillows

    Woven entirely from Sunbrella outdoor-safe yarns, the Liveliness pillow is a beautiful blend of textured chenille in a soft color palette with po...

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  • $731.00

    Vivid Set Pillows

    The Energy pillow features stacked strips in varying sizes and contrasting colors for incredible visual interest. Each band of color offers a diff...

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  • $907.00

    Daybreak Set Pillows

    Easy to coordinate with many different colors, the Empower pillow is woven in a gorgeous, small-scale plaid, offering beautiful texture and a subt...

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  • $648.00

    Enhance Set Pillows

    Woven from 100% Sunbrella yarns, the Corsica pillow features a muted, tonal stripe with a fashionable twist. A mitered seam, hand twisted rope b...

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  • $644.00

    Amplify Set Pillows

    When a simple stripe is just not enough, the Amplify pillow offers a center band of long coordinating fringe, adding texture and drama. SEND US A...

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  • $553.00

    Indigo Pillow Set 3

    With an inspired nod to its nautical origins, this exclusive design is covered in hand-knotted ropes in contrast colors. Made entirely made from ...

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  • $965.00

    Indigo Pillow Set 2

    Subtly blended ombre tones give this striped pillow an elevated and elegant feel. Made from 100% Sunbrella yarns, this pillow is resistant to stai...

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  • $1,035.00

    Indigo Pillow Set 1

    Soft, subtle lines intersect across this pillow, creating a lovely diamond pattern in indigo and ivory. SEND US AN EMAIL AT ...

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  • $4,495.00

    MLB Collection Corner

    A dynamic expansion of our best-selling BOXHILL MLB collection balances modern proportions with a striking juxtaposition of outdoor materials. A co...

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