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BOXHILL's Porto 68" Fire Table gives the outdoors an escape of ambiance and warmth. Each fire table is hand-crafted with a patina finish, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind creation. The 38" by 68" size table is a gorgeous and functional centerpiece for any lounge area, backyard or patio. The table's heat provides the right amount of warmth for multiple people. The 65,000 BTU unit operates with a standard propane tank that fits directly inside the enclosed unit.

The key valve housing is easily accessed from the side of the unit. The controls are clearly labeled and easy to use. Turn the key to the on position and use a match lighter to light and enjoy. The fire pit comes complete with one 50 lb. bag of ¾” black lava rock media. The naturally occurring volcanic rock creates a stunning contrast to the beautiful flames of any gas fire feature while the lava rock remains heat-resistant.

This item comes with the option to upgrade to one of two electronic ignition systems -- both of which are made in the USA:

  • Weather Beater Electronic Control System (WBECS) by Flame-Tec -- powered by a state-of-the-art microprocessor, this system gives you ultimate control of the outdoor fire features. It provides safe and sure control of ignition and operation. Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, this ignition and control module will perform through wind, rain, freezing temperatures, salt air, and more. Provides safe and sure control by sensing a flame-out, then relighting it automatically. If the fire fails to relight, the module will safely stop the flow of gas. Flame-Tec uses commercial-grade components to ensure years of trouble-free operation. It also includes on-board diagnostics to report on the unit’s performance. Available for use with either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas configurations.

  • The All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) from Fire by Design is the smallest electronic ignition system on the market, and it is designed for use in gas fire pits and fire bowls. Its small size makes the unit an ideal choice for gas fire pits without a large amount of vertical space. However, don't confuse small with underpowered -- this system is compatible with outputs of up to 290,000 BTU per hour. (Requires 24v AC power to be hard-wired to the fire pit installation site.)

Ask about our additional upgrade to wireless Bluetooth capability for each of these electronic ignition systems. This upgrade will allow you to control your fire pit from your smart phone or tablet. Please contact BOXHILL for details.


  • Beautifully Handcrafted Table With Fire Pit In The Center
  • Fire Table Comes Is Available In 5 Stunning Colors
  • Customize With Your Choice Of 11 Different Lava Rock Colors
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
  • 65,000 BTU Orifice
  • Enclosed Propane Tank Storage
  • Stainless Steel Burner Insert
  • Key Valve Ignition
  • 10-ft Connecting Hose (LP Configuration Only)


  • 38"W x 68"L x 22"H
  • Surface: 17" / 11"
  • Burner Size: 24" / 65,000 BTU
  • Burner Plate: 33¾" x 16"
  • 550 lbs.
  • 50 lb. Bag of Lava Rocks


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