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Table Lighting

  • Black Lacquered Steel Tuli Tabletop

    Tulip Tabletop

    from $9,541.00

    With new dimensions, our Boxhill's Tuli Tabletop keeps intact the inspiration in nature. The new model retains all the attitude and ego that has al...

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  • Brushed Stainless Steel Kivo Tabletop

    Kivo Tabletop


    A Design Award Winner, Boxhill's Kivo Tabletop fits perfectly in any sophisticated environment. Its name reflects its geometry, establishing itself...

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  • Cosmo Tabletop

    Cosmo Tabletop


    Boxhill's Cosmo Tabletop is inspired on the energy emanated by the sun. It appears now with new details and synergy between its delicate forms. Its...

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  • Alquimia Tabletop

    Alquimia Tabletop


    Geometrically designed, Boxhill's Alquimia Tabletop can be enjoyed the same way from every angle. With a bold design, glorifies its flames searchin...

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