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Sometimes you have to look to the past to see the future...such is the case with BOXHILL’s Modern Concrete Bench. Its genealogy is rooted in the clean lines of mid-century modern classics, and it provides comfortable seating for 1-2 people. Use it around your fire pit, or on the patio with a Knotty Stool or pair of Modern Concrete Chairs.

Designed with the same ergonomic considerations of the Modern Concrete Chairs, each Modern Concrete Bench is hand-cast in an engineered concrete, making it extremely durable, strong, and thin. The steel rod base is hand-made to fit each individual bench. Considerate design details include a removable base, and proper drainage from a cast-in, copper drain aperture.

Each slab of highly-engineered composite concrete is sealed with a material that will not peel or yellow. The steel base is cut, fitted, and welded by hand, with the utmost care. Choose from a wax-treated base, five colors of powder-coat, or metallic copper for the base, and three colors of concrete for the seat.



  • 61.5" x 23.5" x 36.25"
  • 215 lbs.


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