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Garden Furniture

  • Cement Pebble Table

    Cement Pebble Table

    from $840.00

    Embrace the beauty of stone in its natural form’BOXHILL’s Cement Pebble Table is a stunning example of organic style. Available in four sizes and f...

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  • Wooden Pebble Seat

    Wooden Pebble Seat

    from $1,845.00

    Create an organic, modern atmosphere with BOXHILL's Wooden Pebble Seat! This stunning fusion of form and function makes any space into an unforgett...

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  • Cashi Dining Table

    Cashi Dining Table


    Make a statement with BOXHILL’s Cashi Dining Table! Available in four concrete finishes, this piece will take your Backyard Oasis to the next level...

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  • Facet Side Table

    Facet Side Table


    Like a beautifully cut gem, BOXHILL’s Facet Side Table is the perfect choice to add texture and intrigue to your indoor or outdoor space. Choose fr...

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