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Outdoor cooking has never been so luxurious as it is with BOXHILL's Outdoor Kitchen Island System! Not only is this piece a fully functioning outdoor kitchen but it also comes with its own dining table. This item includes a sink with retractable mixer tap, a cooking area with no. 1 big induction hob, an electric grill rack, trash bins, and a Surlast protective cover. 

Our Outdoor Kitchen Island System can be equipped with two different bases: synthetic resin woven legs (Canopo base) or straight metal band (Polaris base). The synthetic resin is designed to be resistant to UV exposure and won’t fade, even if it’s exposed to extreme weather. It is also resistant to temperature differences ranging from – 70 °C to 80 °C, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and easy to clean. A range of special finishes are also available to choose from for use on the exterior metal components. These finishes are made with an ultra durable powder coating, which meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications: Qualicoat Class 2, GSB master, and AAMA 26045, as well as BS EN 12206. Counter top finishes consist of a porcelain stoneware surface that has a 6 mm thickness and is suitable for contact with foodstuffs, resistant to frost, humidity, UV light, heat and high temperatures, fading, scratching and abrasion, detergents and cleaners, and stains. They are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain!

Enjoy outdoor living on every occasion with our new line of outdoor kitchens! Focused on ease of use, optimal performance and extreme versatility, this new line is rooted in an innovative approach to customization.  With unique shapes, precious details, unusual finishes, and cutting-edge technology, these kitchens are designed to pave the way for a new trend in outdoor luxury. Match selected modules and different bases to arrange the kitchen in a stylish and functional way that is best suited for you. All the kitchens are free standing, and each one contains all the equipment necessary for outdoor cooking.

Each item is made to order so the estimated delivery of this item is approximately 8-12 weeks after the order date. Please contact BOXHILL if your are ordering multiple pieces or need assistance with customization options. This item includes FREE shipping!



  • Closed: 56"W x 54"D X 40"H (142 cm W x 138 cm D x 102 cm H)
  • Open: 99"W X 54"D x 40" H (252 cm W x 138 cm D x 102 cm H)

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