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Outdoor Decor

  • Amber Fire Glass 40-Lb

    Fire Glass 40-Lb

    from $160.00

    BOXHILL's Fire Glass is a stunning addition to any fire feature, and the perfect way to add instant visual impact. Our fire glass ismade from tempe...

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  • Vertical / Satin White Window Box Planter

    Window Box Planter

    from $840.00

    BOXHILL's Window Box Planter is incredibly original & makes a signature statement indoors or out! This eye-catching vessel brings beauty and mo...

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  • Quadra Fire Tables

    Quadra Fire Tables

    from $4,595.00

    The BOXHILL Quadra Fire Tables are a stunning addition to any outdoor living area. This stylishly functional table is perfect for any backyard or c...

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  • Lotus 32 Fire Pit

    Lotus 32 Fire Pit


    BOXHILL's Lotus 32 Fire Pit is a functional, lively, and stylish piece to add to any home. The round cement base provides plenty of comfortable spa...

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  • Lotus 45 Fire Pit`

    Lotus 45 Fire Pit


    Boxhill's sleek round Lotus 45 fire bowl is as eye catching as it is warm. Grab your friends and family and sit around this modern styled fire pit ...

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  • Satin White Ellipse Planter

    Ellipse Planter

    from $1,040.00

    The singular style of BOXHILL's Ellipse Planter brings a unique, modern vibe to any area! The clean lines and graceful curves of this vessel help c...

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  • 27"H / Natural Rust Patina Askew Planter

    Askew Planter

    from $2,060.00

    BOXHILL'sAskewPlanter is made fromthick3/16carbon steel materialwith an iron oxide patina. The steel is sandblasted and taken down to bare steel an...

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  • Facet Side Table

    Facet Side Table


    Like a beautifully cut gem, BOXHILL’s Facet Side Table is the perfect choice to add texture and intrigue to your indoor or outdoor space. Choose fr...

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