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Kick up your feet with BOXHILL's Modern Concrete Ottoman. Visually, this ottoman recalls the look and feel of the chair that inspired it, complete with complimentary angles, and honest materials. Functionally, the dimensional considerations provide the user elegant comfort without being obtrusive when sitting or standing.

The Modern Concrete Ottoman's height and width allow it to nestle within the framework of the chair–it’s narrower than the chair's body (allowing the user to plant both feet firmly on each side when sitting and standing,) and it’s shorter than the base of the seat–allowing it to tuck neatly below the edge. This simple design consideration offers you maximum comfort, while eliminating sitting or standing hazards. 

Each slab of highly-engineered composite concrete is sealed with a material that will not peel or yellow. The steel base is cut, fitted, and welded by hand, with care and consideration. Choose from a wax-treated base, five colors of powder-coat, or metallic copper for the base, and three colors of concrete for the seat.


  • 20.5" x 15" x 11"
  • 27 lbs.


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