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Stay cool all summer long under BOXHILL’s Tanning Ledge Choice Pool Umbrella. This durable, UV-resistant umbrella is perfect for pairing with our Tanning Ledge Pool Side Table or Tanning Ledge Pool Ice Bin Side Table. The Tanning Ledge Choice Pool Umbrella features a 1.5” diameter pole in 7 finishes. The umbrella canopy comes in 2 different shapes and 5 different sizes. Customize it by selecting from our choice of 130+ colors of UV-resistant, marine-grade, solution-dyed Sunbrella acrylic fabric. Crafted from flexible fiberglass ribs with molded nylon joints, hubs and end tips, this sturdy umbrella was designed to be in water. The pole is solid one piece construction and has 0.125-inch think powder-coated aluminum pole finishes. This umbrella also includes single, sewn-in vent and storage ties. Customizable ventilation and monogramming are also available -- please contact BOXHILL for details.

Choose from a variety of umbrella pole finishes for a custom look. For pole height, the 96" model is standard, but a 90" pole may also be ordered. The 90" pole is recommended for in-pool use, only, and as it is a custom order, it is non-returnable.

Cleaning the umbrella is a breeze. Brush off any loose dirt. Prepare a cleaning solution of 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of lukewarm water. Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean. Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow fabric to air dry.

The items in our Tanning Ledge series are some of our top-selling products. Our clients love how they extend the enjoyment and utility of their pools!

Please note that if you are pairing this umbrella with our Tanning Ledge 22-Inch Side Table, or our Tanning Ledge Ice Bin Side Table, we recommend choosing the 8-foot Octagon or the 6-foot Square Canopy for your umbrella.  If you are pairing this umbrella with the 14-Inch Side Table, we recommend that you combine it with a built-in umbrella sleeve in your pool or patio, or be prepared to ballast it with materials heavier than water.

In-stock items typically ship within 3-4 weeks; expect longer lead times during the summer season, or for items that are currently out-of-stock. Please contact BOXHILL if you have any questions.


  • 8' Octagon
    • Push Up + Pin
    • 90" H
    • 27 lbs

  • 9' Octagon
    • Push Up + Pin
    • 96" H
    • 28 lbs

  • 11' Octagon
    • Pulley + Pin
    • 102" H
    • 30 lbs

  • 6' Square
    • Push Up + Pin
    • 96" H
    • 24 lbs

  • 7 1/2' Square
    • Pulley + Pin
    • 102" H
    • 26 lbs

  • Pole Diameter: 1.5"

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