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Spring Garden

  • Beekman Bird Feeder

    Beekman Bird Feeder


    TheBeekman Bird Feeder is so elegant and contemporary, what bird wouldnt want to call it home This charming feeder is made of powder-coated aluminu...

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  • Cone Planter

    Cone Planter

    from $1,010.00

    Tall, tapered, and sleek, BOXHILL's Cone Planter makes an impressive statement. The tapered design makesthis eye-catching planter the perfect conta...

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  • 15.5"H / Satin White Capsule Planter

    Capsule Planter

    from $1,500.00

    The clean, uncluttered design of BOXHILL's Capsule Planter makes a sophisticated statement in any home or garden. This uniquely shaped vessel offer...

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  • Satin White Ellipse Planter

    Ellipse Planter

    from $1,040.00

    The singular style of BOXHILL's Ellipse Planter brings a unique, modern vibe to any area! The clean lines and graceful curves of this vessel help c...

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  • Block Planter

    Block Planter

    from $840.00

    TheBOXHILL’s Block Planter features a cube shape with a cylindrical planting area. The modern design of this piece allows it to act as a flawless b...

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  • Gabion Fountain

    Gabion Fountain

    from $4,240.00

    Overflowing with organic texture and sculptural quality, BOXHILL's Gabion Fountain makes a beautiful addition to any garden! Inspired by the Gabion...

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