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Is your love of fire limited by your lifestyle?  Maybe you're an urbanite or an apartment-dweller with nothing but a small balcony.  Perhaps you're a home-dweller with a HOA that has banned the burning of wood.  Or, possibly you're an environmentalist, who has made a conscious decision to steer away from propane.  BOXHILL's Modfire Indoor-Outdoor Fire Pit was created with all of you in mind.  Our favorite fire geniuses from Arizona have finally found a solution for every person, in every situation! 

Hand-rolled, 14-gauge steel directs the heat with its signature cone shape, and the distinctive openings make it ideal for roasting marshmallows. The welded metal exterior is smoothed for a seamless finish and appearance. A modern star burner is mounted to the fire bowl for a perfectly dispersed flame. Several layers of ultra-high temperature paint, and a 1000-degree clear coat is hand-applied to protect the steel frame, and to give it a vibrant finish.

The natural gas model uses a 125,000 BTU-rated stainless star burner, producing substantial heat for your space. It comes with a black pipe nipple for home installation, via a certified installer, and it uses an in-line ball valve to articulate the gas flow. The propane model comes with a 10-foot length of black propane hose that will attach to any standard 20-lb propane tank. (Longer hoses are available upon request.) The wood-burning model is only available in Charcoal and comes with a hand-hammered 14" fire bowl to hold your favorite wood or composite fire logs. The fire bowl is removable, to assist with ash disposal.

Want to raise the profile of your fire pit, or hide away your propane tank? Why not add a Base Unit or Modpod Tank Storage to your setup? This pedestal tower of the Base Unit showcases the architectural elements of the Modfire design and makes your fire pit look like a sculpture, even when it's not lit! For propane users, this base will hide a standard, 20-lb. tank, and an external key is included to control the flow of fuel while the tank is hidden. A rear door allows for easy tank replacement. Base Units are available in Snow and Charcoal. Our Modpods are a fantastic option for propane storage but they can also double as a side table. The top lifts off for easy access to the fuel control. Modpods come in our standard colors, or they may be ordered in a custom hue -- contact BOXHILL for a quote.  

Customize the look of your fire pit by adding fire glass or lava rock (not included.) An optional protective cover is available to shield your Modfire from the elements. Ships within 2-4 weeks.



  • Modfire
    • 48" H x 22" D (Base) / 9" (Top)
    • 65 lbs
  • Modpod Tank Storage
    • 16" D x 20" H
    • 30 lbs
  • Base Unit
    • 30" D x 20" H
    • 50 lbs

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