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Floor & Table Lighting

  • Outdoor Garden Candle

    Outdoor Garden Candle

    from $84.99

    Bring a softly-lit ambience to your space with BOXHILL’s Outdoor Garden Candle. Made from a weighted, polystone base, the glass hurricane is held f...

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  • Black Lacquered Steel Tuli Tabletop

    Tulip Tabletop


    With new dimensions, our Boxhill's Tuli Tabletop keeps intact the inspiration in nature. The new model retains all the attitude and ego that has al...

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  • Black Tile Tabletop

    Tile Tabletop


    The details and geometry narrowly drawn make the Boxhill's Tile Tabletop a special piece of art. The flame fracefully flutters and demonstrates its...

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  • Olympo Tabletop

    Olympo Tabletop


    A tribute to fire and the life that it emanates, turning that same fire on the old Olympus, where the gods lived. The amazing workmanship, with Gla...

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  • Brushed Stainless Steel Kivo Tabletop

    Kivo Tabletop


    A Design Award Winner, Boxhill's Kivo Tabletop fits perfectly in any sophisticated environment. Its name reflects its geometry, establishing itself...

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  • Cosmo Tabletop

    Cosmo Tabletop


    Boxhill's Cosmo Tabletop is inspired on the energy emanated by the sun. It appears now with new details and synergy between its delicate forms. Its...

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  • Bliss Tabletop

    Bliss Tabletop


    Romance becomes even cosier with the new Boxhill Bliss Tabletop, bringing with it a new source of inspiration for those around you. The waves of pl...

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  • Alquimia Tabletop

    Alquimia Tabletop


    Geometrically designed, Boxhill's Alquimia Tabletop can be enjoyed the same way from every angle. With a bold design, glorifies its flames searchin...

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  • Samba Tabletop

    Samba Tabletop


    Brazil inspires Boxhill's Samba Tabletop and the sensuality of its dancing flame invades our souls and takes us directly to the Brazilian heat. You...

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  • SWIZZLE Floor Lamp

    SWIZZLE Floor Lamp

    from $1,091.00

    Full of motion, our Boxhill's Swizzle Floor Lamp is the perfect addition to a patio, a pool party, or any place that could use a splash of modern f...

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  • Montague Lamp

    Montague Lamp


    The Montague Collection features compelling global inspired designs brimming with elegance and grace! The perfect addition for any home, these piec...

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  • Aluminium, Lava Grey Lightbox, Small

    Lightbox, Small


    Ligthbox small is a modern open lantern designed by BOXHILL design team. The square design gives a unique look to the lantern, which also can be us...

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