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Travel the world of wine while relaxing at home with BOXHILL's Enthusiast Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table. Whether you prefer an oaky California Chardonnay, or a fruitier, Italian Sangiovese, wine lovers alike will be delighted that they now have the perfect place to sit and sip. Bearing authentic seals from wineries all over the world, this fire pit is ideal for gathering friends and family for a glass of bubbly, a wine and cheese tasting, or even a s'mores party!

This table is crafted with impeccable quality. Each aged wine barrel is hand-sanded and waterproofed to ensure smooth surfaces, which will stand up to the harshest elements. It comes in the 26" Chat Height, and it is fitted with orifices for both propane and natural gas. For propane users, a standard 20-lb propane tank will fit this model–a hinged door opens and stores the propane tank safely inside the table, and out of sight. Natural gas users have the option of using an existing conversion kit, or adding ours to the order.

Our fire pit table is fitted with an 80,000 BTU, stainless steel, match throw burner–perfect for providing cozy, comfortable warmth at night. You'll love the tabletop design, which is hand-crafted from vintage wine crates, and baring authentic seals from wineries world-wide. Also included with your table are decorative, Crystal Amber Fire Glass (with a 10-lb bag of lava rock to act as a base filler,) and a vintage wood tray cover with handles. (The tray will allow you to utilize your fire pit as a traditional table when the burner area is not in use, as well as prevent harmful debris from falling into your burner area while the burner is off.) If you would like to customize the look of your fire pit, you may add a second selection of colored fire glass or river rocks to your order.

An all-weather, protective cover is included with the price of your fire pit. Each table is hand-made and will ship within 3-4 weeks.



  • 26" Finished Height
  • 42" Diameter Table Top



  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit
  • Additional fire glass and/or river rocks

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