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Fire Pits

  • Amber Fire Glass 40-Lb

    Fire Glass 40-Lb

    from $160.00

    BOXHILL's Fire Glass is a stunning addition to any fire feature, and the perfect way to add instant visual impact. Our fire glass is made from temp...

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  • Patriot Fire Pit

    Patriot Fire Pit

    from $325.00

    BOXHILL's Patriot Fire Pit combines sleek and modern styling with tough American quality and durability. With no parts to break or wear out over ti...

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    Steel Cook Grate

    from $199.95

    Practical and functional, BOXHILL's Steel Cook Grate fits select sizes of our Patriot Fire Pit. It combines sleek and modern styling with tough Ame...

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  • Natural Gas / Manual Light (key valve) Curva Fire Pit

    Curva Fire Pit


    The artfully designed CURVA fire table (patent pending) combines clean lines with a softly rounded base, give a subtle touch of modernity. Curva l...

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  • Black Samba Tabletop

    Samba Tabletop


    Brazil inspires Boxhill's Samba Tabletop and the sensuality of its dancing flame invades our souls and takes us directly to the Brazilian heat. You...

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  • Lacquered Steel / Firewood/Charcoal Stravaganza Fire Pit

    Stravaganza Fire Pit

    from $13,150.00

    Transform your outdoor environment with Boxhill's Stravaganza Fire Pit. This fire pit’s extraordinary design will add character to your backyard wh...

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  • Cement / Firewood/Charcoal Zarzuela Fire Pit

    Zarzuela Fire Pit

    from $11,610.00

    Go farer, aim higher. Let your inspiration flow free. Boxhill's Zarzuela Fire Pit is inspired by freedom and inclusion with its elegant concrete de...

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  • Lacquered Steel / Firewood/Charcoal Vaudeville Fire Pit

    Vaudeville Fire Pit

    from $12,450.00

    Boxhill's Vaudeville Fire Pit showcases an immediately identifiable personality with its unique design. This fire pit offers not only futuristic st...

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  • Black Lacquered Steel Tuli  Fire Place

    Tuli Fire Place

    from $9,541.00

    Inspired by nature in its purest state, Boxhill's Tuli Fire Place distinguishes itself by its imposing posture and strong ego, where the elegance a...

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  • Lacquered Steel / Firewood/Charcoal Operetta Fire Pit

    Operetta Fire Pit

    from $8,470.00

    Small moments take us into another dimension. Treasure these moments and create more around the comfortable warmth of The Operetta Fire Pit. The fi...

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  • Glass And Lacquered Mdf O-Flut Fire Place

    O-Flut Fire Place

    from $5,870.00

    Appearing as a metamorphosis of the Flut model, Boxhill's O-Flut Fire Place has a simply innovator design that blends a great variety of materials....

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  • Black Lacquered Steel Lira Fire Place

    Lira Fire Place


    Inspired by the secularity of ancient coins, Boxhill's Lira Fire Place is a model with strong aesthetic component. Compact and extremely versatile,...

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  • Eudoxus Fire Place

    Eudoxus Fire Place

    from $17,490.00

    A suspended double-sided fireplace that transcends the fire line.Combining elegance and technology in a sublime way, Boxhill's Eudoxus Fire Place d...

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  • Black Lacquered Steel / Crea7Ion Mechanical Crystal Fire Pit

    Crystal Fire Pit

    from $6,990.00

    Invoking the power of crystals as inspiration, Boxhill's Crystal Fire Pit presents itself as a visually provocative and irreverent model, resulting...

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  • Black Fine Texture Metallic Cosmo Tabletop

    Cosmo Tabletop


    Boxhill's Cosmo Tabletop is inspired on the energy emanated by the sun. It appears now with new details and synergy between its delicate forms. Its...

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  • Black Lacquered Steel Cosmo 13 Fire Place

    Cosmo 13 Fire Place

    from $8,740.00

    Carrying the same inspiration and expression of Cosmo, Boxhill's Cosmo 13 Fire Place presents itself as a more refined and detailed model. In its e...

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  • Lacquered Steel + Red Benches / Firewood/Charcoal Circus Fire Pit

    Circus Fire Pit

    from $8,470.00

    Unique amusement, wherever you are.From the pleasure of your own yard, the Boxhill Circus Fire Pit brings you comfort through its fiery warmth and ...

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