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Defining the style known as Rustic Modern, BOXHILL's Moderna Butter Churn Fire Pit is one of the most beautiful fire pits we've ever seen! We adore its clean, low profile -- made to resemble a butter churn and crafted of wooden staves. The wrought iron, hair pin legs add a distinctly mid-century modern flair to the entire design.

This fire pit is crafted with impeccable quality. Each piece is hand-sanded and waterproofed to ensure its smooth surfaces will stand up to the harshest elements. The installed burners are made of stainless steel. We offer several BTU options (for enjoying the radiated heat from the fire pit) as well as the choice to have your fire pit fitted for either liquid propane or natural gas.

For all natural gas fire pits, we will provide an installed conversion kit. For all propane fire pits, we will add the internal plumbing for you. Note: Our low-profile propane tank will fit completely inside the fire pit, safely hidden out of sight. For fire pits that are 26" high, a standard 20-lb propane tank will fit directly underneath the fire pit

This piece is available in two heights -- a 26" height, which is ideal for conversations over a glass of wine, or a 20" height, which resembles a coffee table. (Each size will enable those all-important, late-night s'mores parties!) The circumference of this fire pit may be customized to 42"D, 48"D or 60"D.

Choose from either wooden staves or vintage wine boxes to create the top of your fire pit. Select your desired top media for a truly custom look -- we offer a large selection of both fire glass and river rock, all of which will add to the ambiance of your fire pit, and it is included in the purchase price, as is the custom trim around this piece, which is a rustic, conveyor belt chain that has been upcyled from old winery machines!

Also included with your fire pit is an all-weather cover, which will help keep your fire pit protected when not in use. In order to utilize this item as a traditional table when the burner area is not in use, we recommend adding the optional tray cover, which is available in either wooden staves or vintage wine boxes. (This tray will also prevent harmful debris from falling into your burner area while the burner is off.) For windy venues, please make sure to add our protective, curved glass windshield -- a beautiful and practical addition that will keep your flame safe from the elements.

Each fire pit is hand-made to your specifications and will ship within 3-4 weeks.



  • Natural Barrel Staves
  • Smooth Barrel Staves



  • 42" Diameter
  • 48" Diameter
  • 60" Diameter



  • 20" Coffee Table Height
  • 26" Conversation Height



  • Wooden Staves
  • Vintage Wine Boxes



  • 80,000 BTU Match Throw Ignition
  • 65,000 BTU Thermocouple Manual Safety, Match Throw Ignition
  • 65,000 BTU Thermocouple Manual Safety, Push Button Ignition
  • 80,000 BTU Thermocouple Flame Sense, Remote Control Ignition (Note: Due to the depth of this burner, you cannot fit a propane tank inside the base of a 20"H, 26"H, or 30"H table)



  • Liquid Propane
  • Natural Gas



  • Crystal Amber Fire Glass
  • Sunshine Mix Fire Glass
  • Grey Fire Glass
  • Black Fire Glass
  • Pacific Blue Fire Glass
  • Crystal Green Fire Glass
  • Dark Grey River Rock
  • Earth Tone River Rock



  • Wooden Stave Tray Cover
  • Vintage Wine Box Tray Cover
  • Protective Glass Windshield
  • Low-Profile Propane Tank

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